The next big tech tsunami waiting to inundate the art world is 3D printing.

Douglas Coupland


3D technologies are expanding our ability to capture emotions and forward thinking designers and creatives across both the 3D digital and physical spaces are applying 3D technology tools to change how we perceive and interact with our world. Be3D is focused on pushing the boundaries of creative expression through the use of 3D technologies.


Creating a world class community for the creations and application of 3D technologies requires all stakeholders to work together. Be3D brings together the creative community, tech community, government and funders to work together on building our ecosystem.


3D technologies are forever changing how we create and interact with the world around us. Developing these technologies is only a start. Without adoption, there is no innovation. Be3D supports, funds and connects the creative and tech communities in Ontario to create world class 3D tech and apply it in the most amazing ways possible.

B3D Conference, Toronto, Edward Burtynsky, Winter Garden Theatre
Photo by Robert Leslie | Be3D 2015

Be3Dimensional 2015 Conference Press Highlights

The Globe and Mail
Graphic Arts
The Globe and Mail

The event brought together the brightest minds in what they call the '3-D technological renaissance'.

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Graphic Arts

A hub for the world's leading experts in 3D to debate and discuss innovations in utilization and research related to 3D technology.

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[This is] the first 3D printing conference and exhibit to be held in Toronto, where a growing population savvy and active in the technology sector dwells.

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The Future of 3D

By the Leaders of 3D

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