That’s Photography with a D


By Border Crossings Magazine

Ed Burtynsky is an image-maker who has become fascinated with the possibility of becoming an object-maker. One of Canada’s most accomplished and admired photographers, he is a passionate advocate of 3D printing. Thirty years ago he started Toronto Image Works, a business that provided technology to creative people. “I saw that this was the next generation of getting high-end technology into their hands.” The result of his new vision is Think2Thing, a two year-old company of which he is a co-founder. While he hasn’t shifted away from filmmaking and still photography, he admits he is “just beginning to grapple with it in my own work.” He finds the technology has a substantial photographic component. “We can scan any object in full colour and reproduce it in full colour in the third dimension, so I refer to it as bringing the D into photography. It’s ‘Photography 3.0’.”

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