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Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater strike out for ‘terra incognita’

  By Murray White | Toronto Star 3D printing is already a vital tool in a breadth of disciplines, from film production to medical technology to furniture making, but its use in the art world is still nascent, to say the least. Two big-time players in the Canadian museum scene are looking to hurry it along. The Ryerson…

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Linklater and Farmer receive $50,000 each to produce 3D art

By Murray White | Toronto Star Depending who you talk to, 3D printing is the new frontier of contemporary art making, or a showy gimmick. But the Ryerson Image Centre and the National Gallery of Canada are banking on the former, anointing acclaimed Canadian artists Duane Linklater and Geoffrey Farmer, respectively, as its official explorers. The…

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