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Why Canada’s Next Masterpiece Might Be 3-D Printed

By Leah Sandals | Canadian Art There were a few surprises this morning when some new grants for 3-D printing were announced in Toronto. The first Be3Dimensional Innovation Fund grants have gone to prominent, internationally acclaimed Canadian artists who are primarily known for analog, rather than digital, works: Geoffrey Farmer of Vancouver and Duane Linklater of North Bay. Through the…

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Canada must sharpen its 3-D vision

By Edward Burtynsky | The Globe and Mail Edward Burtynsky is an internationally renowned photographer and a co-founder of Think2Thing, a Toronto-based 3-D prototyping, modelling and design atelier. The quest for the fabled Northwest Passage inspired nautical explorers of the 19th century, such as John Franklin, to look globally for innovative new paths for trade and…

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