It’s All About the Story: Think2Thing Puts 3D Printing in Context

By Sarah Anderson Goehrke | Toronto-based Think2Thing is no longer a stranger to 3D printing technology, but the story had to start somewhere. For the founding team, this story’s “once upon a time” was October 2014, where in a far-off kingdom (the United Kingdom, that is), a 3D printing conference in London lit a new flame of interest.…

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Photographer Edward Burtynsky on ‘Water’ and the future of 3D

By Stephy Chung | CNN Style Before there was Google Earth, there was Edward Burtynsky. Renown for his aerial images, the 60-year-old Canadian photographer has spent the greater part of three decades capturing what he describes as “nature, transformed through industry,” or man-made industrial landscapes. Pivot Irrigation #11, High Plains, Texas Panhandle, USA, 2011, by Edward…

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Canada must sharpen its 3-D vision

By Edward Burtynsky | The Globe and Mail Edward Burtynsky is an internationally renowned photographer and a co-founder of Think2Thing, a Toronto-based 3-D prototyping, modelling and design atelier. The quest for the fabled Northwest Passage inspired nautical explorers of the 19th century, such as John Franklin, to look globally for innovative new paths for trade and…

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