2 Days

9 Sessions

37 Speakers

550+ Attendees

The event brought together the brightest minds in what they call the '3-D technological renaissance'.
 The Globe and Mail

Be3Dimensional 2015

As a first of its kind event in Canada the Be3Dimensinal Design Conference was supported by a network of 12 organizations from industry, academia and government. Presented by Think2Thing, a cutting-edge 3D printing atelier based in Toronto, and Ryerson University. This inaugural event saw over 450 academics, artists, designers and engineers attend two days of talks, networking opportunities and product exhibition in downtown Toronto.

Be3Dimensional 2017: Think Forward

This conference will explore the application of 3D imaging and scanning, data visualization, 3D content development, design, modelling and simulation, and 3D printing in the creative / cultural industries. Our goal for Think Forward is to attract world leading artists, film makers, and designers to Canada and allow these leaders to share their expertise with our cultural community. This unique event will help us develop a plan to create a world class cluster of artists, filmmakers, and designers in Canada able to leverage the latest 3D technologies in their work.

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Be3Dimensional (Be3D) is a collective partnership between Think2Thing and Ryerson University focused on supporting the advanced application of 3D technologies in the creative industries.

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