I've noticed there is a fear of adoption in using complex new technology: Will it inform the work? Will it inform it in a negative way? Will the influence of the technology be seen through the work?...But there is a way that is driven by the artist, that comes back to perspective and attitude and philosophy.
 David Didur

The Be3Dimensional Innovation Fund

Co-founded by Think2Thing and Ryerson University, the Be3Dimensional Innovation Fund was established to support Canada’s greatest innovators who are pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, scanning and modelling technologies through application in art, medicine, manufacturing, engineering, fashion and design. The inaugural recipients will each receive up to a maximum of $50,000 to create their works that utilize 3D technology. 

Cluster Development Program

The Greater Toronto Region and Southern Ontario have a unique combination of globally competitive clusters in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Creative Industries. This combination creates a unique foundation that will enable us to take advantage of the revolution brought on by 3D technologies that are transforming each of these industries, the way we interact with information and how we create new products.

Working with Ryerson’s Institute for Innovation & Technology Management, Be3D is creating a roadmap to form a robust 3D technologies cluster in the Greater Toronto Area. This roadmap will be informed through both secondary research currently being conducted as well as interactions with community members at Be3D programs and events. To be published in the Spring of 2017 this document will help to inform the next steps that industry, academia and government need to collaboratively take to build an industry cluster focused on applying 3D technologies in the creative industries.

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Be3Dimensional (Be3D) is a collective partnership between Think2Thing and Ryerson University focused on supporting the advanced application of 3D technologies in the creative industries.

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