Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater strike out for ‘terra incognita’

May 27, 2016

  By Murray White | Toronto Star 3D printing is already a vital tool in a breadth of disciplines, from film production to medical technology to furniture making, but its use in the art world is still nascent, to say the least. Two big-time players in the Canadian museum scene are looking to hurry it along. The Ryerson…

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$100,000 backing for Canadian artists

May 27, 2016

By Nick Hall | 3D Printing Industry Two Canadian artists have been awarded $50,000 each to produce 3D printed works that will go on show at the National Gallery of Canada. Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater will both get to share the substantial fund. It is a joint venture between Ryerson University and Toronto-based 3D print…

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Two Canadian Artists Receive the First Think2Thing Be3Dimensional 3D Printing Innovation Grants in the Arts

May 27, 2016

By Scott J Grunewald | Artists have been flocking to 3D printing as a medium since 3D printing was first introduced to the general public, and it is pretty easy to see why. 3D printing offers artists a way to make the impossible real in ways that many traditional mediums are simply incapable of achieving. There are…

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Ontario and B.C. artists named recipients of 3D printing grants

May 26, 2016

By Lauren La Rose | Metro News TORONTO — Two artists from British Columbia and Ontario are recipients of the first grants from a fund dedicated towards promoting innovative work through 3D printing technology. Vancouver-based Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater of Moose Cree First Nation in northern Ontario will be able to draw from the $100,000 Be3Dimensional Innovation Fund. The fund is…

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Linklater and Farmer receive $50,000 each to produce 3D art

May 26, 2016

By Murray White | Toronto Star Depending who you talk to, 3D printing is the new frontier of contemporary art making, or a showy gimmick. But the Ryerson Image Centre and the National Gallery of Canada are banking on the former, anointing acclaimed Canadian artists Duane Linklater and Geoffrey Farmer, respectively, as its official explorers. The…

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Why Canada’s Next Masterpiece Might Be 3-D Printed

May 26, 2016

By Leah Sandals | Canadian Art There were a few surprises this morning when some new grants for 3-D printing were announced in Toronto. The first Be3Dimensional Innovation Fund grants have gone to prominent, internationally acclaimed Canadian artists who are primarily known for analog, rather than digital, works: Geoffrey Farmer of Vancouver and Duane Linklater of North Bay. Through the…

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Artists Geoffrey Farmer, Duane Linklater earn 3D printing grants

May 26, 2016

By Lauren La Rose | CBC News Two artists from British Columbia and Ontario are recipients of the first grants from a fund dedicated towards promoting innovative work through 3D printing technology. Vancouver-based Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater of Moose Cree First Nation in northern Ontario will be able to draw from the $100,000 Be3Dimensional Innovation…

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That’s Photography with a D

Dec 15, 2015

By Border Crossings Magazine Ed Burtynsky is an image-maker who has become fascinated with the possibility of becoming an object-maker. One of Canada’s most accomplished and admired photographers, he is a passionate advocate of 3D printing. Thirty years ago he started Toronto Image Works, a business that provided technology to creative people. “I saw that this…

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Photographer Edward Burtynsky on ‘Water’ and the future of 3D

Dec 2, 2015

By Stephy Chung | CNN Style Before there was Google Earth, there was Edward Burtynsky. Renown for his aerial images, the 60-year-old Canadian photographer has spent the greater part of three decades capturing what he describes as “nature, transformed through industry,” or man-made industrial landscapes. Pivot Irrigation #11, High Plains, Texas Panhandle, USA, 2011, by Edward…

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B3D conference showcases Canadian innovation in 3-D technology

Oct 29, 2015

By Laura Beeston | The Globe and Mail The future is now. At least, that was the message delivered at B3D, an inaugural 3-D printing, scanning, software and design conference that took place in Toronto last week. Spearheaded by Toronto Image Works, Think2Thing founder Edward Burtynsky and product development specialist David Didur, the event brought together the brightest minds…

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Ryerson hosts B3D 3D printing, scanning, software and design conference

Oct 27, 2015

By Sawyer Bogdan | The Eyeopener Advances in 3D technology are revolutionizing the way information is being accessed and recorded. Tatjana Dzambazova, a production manager for Autodesk, says 3D imaging will go beyond the digitization of objects, and that soon they will be able to create 3D images of the whole world. “[3D printing] allows exploration.…

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Canada must sharpen its 3-D vision

Oct 24, 2015

By Edward Burtynsky | The Globe and Mail Edward Burtynsky is an internationally renowned photographer and a co-founder of Think2Thing, a Toronto-based 3-D prototyping, modelling and design atelier. The quest for the fabled Northwest Passage inspired nautical explorers of the 19th century, such as John Franklin, to look globally for innovative new paths for trade and…

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